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The heaven surrounds this earth which is composed of the four directions (South, North, East and West). The four directions are composed of four emotions viz., kindness, compassion, sympathy and equanimity. As all these unite, the being becomes a bright flower glittering as ‘you’ in this beautiful world.


The surface of this earth is the most ideal proof of human existence. A place of worship as it bears all of us. We in-turn should connect to this diva through yoga and meditation which will elevate us to more balance, endurance and physical strength. Also placing ourself in a meditative state on the very earth ‘Bhooma Devi’- will relieve us from the state of stress. This will create a pathway that connects us with cosmic energy.

I Am Radiating Energy

You are the triangle.
Be an individual who holds head high; Hold it as light as feather.
Achieve plenty!

‘Emotion’ and ‘intuition’ (the two lower ends of the triangle) flows to an individual through the seed of life (the center flower). This aids the individual to connect with the higher self leaving behind the imperfect, incomplete being in him. Thus, the process leads to reincarnation, self-discovery of the soul within and realizing the super power. ‘Mother’ depicted by the Shree Yantra is the all-encompassing power of the earth which holds together the galaxy.

A Vision

Focus your vision like that of a tiger’s eye. Achieve your destiny. This mandala transmits a white tiger’s spirit energy. The eye in the middle of the intersecting circles bearing three parts represents ‘inner vision’ = ‘unity’ (physical), ‘spiritual sight’ = ‘service’ (spiritual) and ‘higher knowledge’ = ‘recovery’ (mind). These exist within the circle where the circle represents ‘harmony’ and ‘wholeness’. A circle indicates circular form of energy which is never ending.

'I' - The Lotus

The being in a human elevates with regular practice of the Padmasana – the Vajra position. Overcoming layers of emotions, as he heads forward in time, man brings to himself a realization. He then radiates to a level that is unexplainable, beyond the aura and where the soul radiates positive energy which is the ‘golden glow light’ of his very being. This entire significance of a man’s transformation travels from a point of internal combat, leading to acceptance, gaining strength and power after acceptance and getting to a state of passion for realization.

So Many Petals...!

Sahasrara’ means 1000 petals of a lotus which relates to complete consciousness. It signifies a person’s crown chakra and the totality of oneself. The consciousness here is related to ‘Divinity’ and ‘Enlightenment’. The several points joining each petal here, relates to God and Unity. Significance of the Lotus: ‘Just as the lotus can never be affected by soils dirt, so also the soul cannot be troubled by the dirt of the body’ – as demonstrated by Gautama Buddha. The lotus also has all powers to break the physical barriers which bind its rise. Thus, portraying that pure consciousness of a human will give him the potency to upsurge. A lotus has 1000 differntly coloured petals. A yogi reaches the zenith of his consciousness when Kundalini energy travels to the Sahasrara chakra through the lower chakras. At this point, the yogi’s consciousness unites with the consciousness of the cosmos. At this stage, the yogi can leave the body (physical state) and unite with supreme consciousness.