Mandala – An Art Of Mind

What is Mandala?

Mandala represents a circle and it comes from the ancient language “Sanskrit.” But, Mandala actually is a joint of two words “Manda” meaning essence and “la” meaning container, which translates to a container of the essence.

Mandala is a sacred design as the body of it contains the knowledge of the physical, psychological, or spiritual aspects of the cosmos. Mandala represents the whole universe. It covers the five elements of nature: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Space.

The Philosophy of Mandalas

Mandala signifies that every wave has a center, around which the expansion takes place. It is because the center is the creator and the cause of the circular ripples. We can compare the center to LIFE around which all things manifest.

The entire Universe is made up of energy. We understand the language of energy through waves and frequencies. Scientifically, a wave pattern is a basic design to explain the propagation of sound or light or any energy form. This highlights the intensity of the energy as it expands that expresses the Law of Nature. 

The designs on the concentric circles of the mandalas is a powerful medium to explain the mysteries of the universe in a method called Science. It is to make grandeurs of the universe accessible to human understanding, and ultimately realize that the Man is a part of Cosmos. 


The art of Mandala is intended to uplift the mind to an enlightened level. Though Mandala is a universal constant, it is also an act of faith and an integral part of the personal vision quest.

Understanding the nature of Mandalas is the key to the learning ritual as a universal process. Humans have been inspired by nature from the beginning and that is how any art is created. It is the expression of their thoughts. Mandala is an expression of Human thought that includes the elements of Nature and the Universe as a whole.

Drawing a Mandala can look very difficult at the beginning because of the intricate shapes and the detailing. But, it all comes from a rhythm within. It is in the process of creating a Mandala that you have to focus rather than the output. 

The purpose of drawing a Mandala is to Heal oneself. During the process, a person’s mental focus is shifted from physical suffering to the art of magnifying the sacred thoughts of peaceful forces. When your body, mind & soul together is when you can create your Mandala. 

This journey of Mandala Art creation aids in transforming normal minds to enlightened ones and helps in silencing thoughts, enhancing focus, combating anxiety, and to create a stronger association with the self. Your Mandala will represent the force you have within yourself. 



Creating an artistic product that embodies the whole self, such as creating a Mandala helps in focusing on positive emotions instead of focusing on traumatic events. Our courses explain the significance of the shapes & colors with the combination of music. These courses help train your brain to create your very own “Signature Mandala”.

Sacred Mandala Art

Therapeutic Structured Mandala

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